Underrated Discord Bots You've Never Heard Of

There's all the popular bots. Dyno. MEE6. Dank Memer. The bots that every server seems to have. Let's flip that up and talk about some niche Discord Bots you may have never heard of before!

Underrated Discord Bots You've Never Heard Of

There's all the popular bots: Dyno. MEE6. Dank Memer. The bots that every Discord server feel are almost necessary to have. What about the poor unique & unusual bots you've never heard of... Until now! Hey, who knows? You may even find your new favourite bot in this article!

So let's kick off our almost entirely Bot focused week here on Netcord with Underrated Discord Bots You've Never Heard Of...!


Who doesn't love free goodies, am I right? FreeStuff is a Discord bot designed to scour the net and find out when popular games become Free-to-Keep (100% discount). If you enjoy gaming, this bot is a must have in your Discord Server!

It is highly customisible, allowing users to change the style of the embeds, the information displayed, and what role is pinged when a free game is announced!

Check out FreeStuff here

FreeStuff Bot
A highly customizeable discord bot that sends news about free games right into your server. Supports every major platform, many filter options and customizeable appearance!

not even kidding, their website looks so nice 😍


Counting is a bot that does what it says on the tin: it lets users count in a text channel in a Discord server. But, this bot takes the interactivity to the next level: should you make a mistake, the counter resets to 0...

All that it takes is a quick /setup and your members will be having fun counting in no time! There are two counting modes supported by this bot:

  • Counting: saves are on - users have the chance to earn 'saves' to redeem themselves if they make a mistake
  • Classic: in Classic mode, there are no saves... Mess up and that's it, you're back to the start


Groundbreaking name, I know but that's besides the point. Do you have a Question of the Day (QOTD) channel in your server? Do you force kindly ask your mods to post a question every day? Well, I've found the perfect tool to take the burden off your mods: QOTD Bot.

This bot automatically posts a question every day in the designated channel after a quick setup process, which I've handily screen recorded below for you!

To /setup the bot, all you have to do is:

  • Enter the name of the channel you want your questions in
  • Enter your time zone in the Continent/City format (use this site to find your timezone)
  • Confirm the timezone is correct
  • Select the time of day you want your question posted.

It's worth noting, you have to type the channel name exactly in the Enter Response menu, hence why I copied the name from Channel Settings, due to the use of Symbols.

After /setup, you can /test your newest Discord bot!

Add QOTD Bot Here:

Add QOTD Bot Discord Bot | The #1 Discord Bot List
Automatically posts a Question of the Day each day! Use the many built-in questions or add your own!


There are some pretty cool bots uncovered when scrolling through the App Directory, and these are just a few I uncovered when scrolling through to research this article. Hope you enjoyed, but for now I'll be back on Saturday & Sunday this week with more articles, but for now

Epic out ✌️