Mentioning Slash Commands on Discord

You can mention Slash Commands on Discord now. Using this trick you can even mention commands that don't exist. Here's how.

Mentioning Slash Commands on Discord

With the introduction – and mandatory migration for Discord bots – to Slash Commands, a new trend has gone viral among many Discord users and Bots too.

And that is, mentioning slash commands. That's right you are actually able to mention them. The question isn't how to mention them, it is how to use these mentions to your advantage.

Slash Commands

Slash commands are a new-special way for bots to communicate with users. Bot's, prior to this API update, used to read our messages from chat and respond appropriately. There were a lot of things wrong with this system and Discord has gone ahead and fixed this issue by implementing Slash Commands. You can send a command to one specific bot with this and you don't have to worry about remembering their prefixes.

How to Mention Slash Commands

Slash commands – like most functional elements on Discord – have a unique ID assigned to them. These IDs are what used by the Discord API to know what you are trying to do.

It is common knowledge now that you can mention text channels, users, roles using # and @.

Step 0: Turn on Developer Mode

Your Discord client needs to have this enabled in order for you to be able to copy IDs from channels, roles, users, servers, bots, and for the benefit of us: slash commands.

Go to User Settings (gear icon, bottom left) > Advanced > Developer Mode

Step 1: Type the Command, but don't send it

In your message box, in any channel, type out your slash command from any Discord bot.

Right click the area with the command name and description, click Copy ID. If you can't see this option go back to Step 0.

Click copy ID.

Step 2: Mention it using the format

Cancel the command and type the following:

Start your message with < and end it with > angular brackets.

  1. Type / to tell Discord that you are trying to mention a Slash Command
  2. Type the command name as it is.
    - Followed by a : to tell Discord that the channel name ends here and what follows starts here.
  3. Paste the command ID you copied in the last step.

Don't forget to close it off with < and > on both sides! It won't show up as a command in your message box but as soon as you send it, it will become a clickable Slash Command you can put anywhere.

you're done 🎉

How to Mention Slash Commands That Doesn't Exist

Yes, that is real. You can easily type up a fake slash command without having to create a Discord Bot.

Simply type </textYouWant:0>

The part with 0 is just a placeholder for a Discord snowflake ID. . It doesn't have to be 0 or 1 you can put 2 digits too, no one will see it anyway. Looking at you, 69 users.

It is to be noted that clicking any of these fake Commands will not do anything as they're not real commands.

Where to Use These

  • In your Discord bot's AboutMe to show it's Get Started/Help command or its most important ones.
  • Many users have been using /graphic-designer or other such decoy commands to stylize their about me's.
  • Help a friend out! Mention the command for people asking for help instead of telling them. Especially when they're new to Discord – they will really appreciate it.