Discord Will Pay You To Chat With Them

Discord will officially invite you to have a chat with them and they will pay you for it. Here's how, where, and why.

Discord Will Pay You To Chat With Them

That's right. Discord might officially invite you to chat with them and join for a 30 minute call. This won't just be a voluntary work – in fact, you will be given a reward as thanks for giving your time to Discord. Let's discuss how you can get invited to these calls and what purpose you'll serve for them.

Discord Surveys

Discord Research Team, occasionally sends out surveys to random Discord users. These surveys often ask users about their feedback using Discord and their latest updates. They will ask you about your experience using the latest tools and how comfortable you are while using them.

Feedback is necessary for any community. Discord, being the community based platform that it is, also require certain public opinion. Discord sends out these surveys to random users under a certain group they are targeting for this survey.

For instance, there was a time when Jason Citron, Founder & CEO of Discord, tweeted a photo of a Discord integration with Ethereum – which received massive backlash across the internet. Shortly after, a new survey was sent out to certain users (myself included) asking how they feel about Cryptocurrency in general and their thoughts and opinions on crossing Ethereum with Discord.

Chat With Discord

At the end of these surveys Discord asks you if you'd be okay with them emailing you for a short conversation in Google Meet. They will ask you some questions about how you use Discord and you may even get to see a couple of things they are working on.

This is what such an email looks like.

Email from Discord inviting you for a chat | Image Source

Such a wholesome invitation!

For anyone that has received something like this before, yes it is real. It is officially from Discord. However, make sure you double check the domain for the email to verify whether or not this email is officially from Discord.

If you are invited for one of these, they will make it worth your time buy gifting you a $50 VISA gift card after the interview. They do it as a thanks for giving Discord your time and feedback.

Keep In Mind

  • It is unclear how many users these surveys are sent to. The chances of you being invited are slim – but not zero. It's worth noting that you will probably not be invited if you are a minor, i.e. under 18 years old.
  • They will also ask questions about your main managed server in the survey, someone managing a server with 100k+ members will probably be given more attention compared to someone with 100 members.
  • There is a survey going on as we speak. The form still haven't closed but I will not be providing the link here for obvious reasons. If you got it make sure to fill out the survey truthfully.

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