7 Creative Ideas for Running Events and Activities on Your Discord Server

After a while, even the most active Discord servers can start to feel a little bit stale. If you’re looking for ways to liven up your Discord server and keep your members engaged, we’ll share 7 creative ideas for running events and activities on your Discord server.

7 Creative Ideas for Running Events and Activities on Your Discord Server
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Discord servers can be a great way to connect with friends and like-minded people. But after a while, even the most active servers can start to feel a little bit stale. If you’re looking for ways to liven up your Discord server and keep your members engaged, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll share 7 creative ideas for running events and activities on your Discord server. From game nights to watch parties, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a way to connect with friends or just want to have some fun, be sure to check out our list!

1. Host a Game/Trivia Night

Trivias are a great way to get your community active with a lot of fun. Trivias can be based on anything but it works best if its related to your server theme.

Create a channel for trivia and invite members to participate. You can use a trivia bot or come up with questions on your own. Make it a weekly or monthly event and offer prizes for the winners.

When hosting games on the server, it's recommended to create a Discord event for the start of the game. Some great games includes

  • The Jackbox Party Pack which includes a ton of mini-games which you can play for a minimal amount of money.There are usually at least one or two drawing/art related games in each pack as well which is good if you are into that sort of thing. Do remember that at least one person needs to own the game.
  • Skribbl.io/Sketchful/ Any Pictionary game: These are a great set of games in which users draw based on prompts and have people try to guess what they are making. You can get very creative with that!
  • Discord Activities: These newly launched micro-apps that are being played on Discord offers a wide variety of choice (for Nitro users). These games are fun to play while hanging out in the same voice channel with your friends.

2. Organize a movie night

Set up a voice channel for members to watch a movie together. You can use a screen sharing feature to watch the movie or just use the audio. Try asking your members to vote on a movie they want for movie night.

What could be a better tonic for loneliness than a good movie night with friends, or binge-watching a show together? Discord actually provides a way for you to watch movies with friends.

Discord Go Live Stream Settings Netflix

You can also use Watch Together,  where a group of users can watch Youtube videos in Discord at the same time. The user who starts the activity has the controller and can pause, scrub, skil, reorder, and delete videos from the queue on behalf of everyone in the Watch Together group. Alternatively, the person who started the activity can share the remote to allow everyone to have control over the Watch Together experience for everyone else.

Playback of videos is limited to 180 minutes if watching with a group or 30 minutes if watching alone. When the max playback is reached, the playback will end and cannot be restarted for 10 minutes. This limit is on a per-user basis, so members who joined the activity later than others will hit their limits after those who were in the activity earlier.

3. Have interactive Study Sessions

It's about time to enjoy studying! As part of a supportive community, you will feel inspired again and held accountable to reach your goals. Discord is a great way to find people of same interest and studying in the past two years have proved the same. You can

  • Set your study goals
  • Enter a study room (just make a voice channel)
  • Track your study time ( we recommend using a bot called StudyLion)
Add StudyLion Discord Bot | The #1 Discord Bot List
Discord study and co-work bot: pomodoro timers, study rooms, reminders, shop, to-do, leaderboard, moderation: all-in-one, open-source.

4. Host Game Tourneys

You might hold a tournament to determine the winner if your server is focused on gaming or if you have a group of players who enjoy a particular game.

In order for the players to advance and reach the semifinals and finals because it is a tournament, games are often held once a week or many times a week. Promoting the semifinals and championship game on social media is important because it may increase server traffic as well. Participants in this kind of event would have a great time overall!

You can use a online bracket creator tool to keep a track of the tournament like BracketHQ.

Bracket HQ | Bracket Maker

5. Have Question of the Day

Come up with a question of the day and invite people to answer it! Let the conversation flow as people comment on others' answers. Questions of the Day serve as a fantastic conversation starter and encourages club members to get to know each other better.

The best part? You don’t even have to ask the daily questions yourself! You can use this QOTD Bot to automatically ask interesting questions every day. In case you want to personalize the questions to your club, you can easily add custom questions using the bot’s commands.

Source : QOTD Bot

6. Meme/Drawing Tournaments

Turn your server into a mega-tournament where everyone can compete. At the end, there should be 1-3 winners. These tournaments can be based on anything and are a lot of fun the more competitors there are. This could take the form of a drawing party, where members can draw to prompts in real-time and share their results with others. This could be hosted over a voice channel also, and through a real-time drawing collaboration website. Other events could include art competitions and art supplies giveaways also.

If your server is dedicated to the world of art, then I'd definitely recommend trying out these events, as they can be so much fun overall, and can help members get to know other like-minded members also! If you want to take it a step further, you can also host a meme review with your users and have them vote on the most funny one.

To add to the spice, you can also make this a cross-server competition. May the best one win!

Create a channel for members to share their progress and offer encouragement. You can set goals and track progress using a spreadsheet or other tool.

7. Host a virtual concert or performance

Invite members to perform or showcase their talents in a voice channel. You can also invite professional performers to join the event. You can also use stage channels and stages can be especially useful in situations where you’re running events within your server such as interviews, reading clubs where each person talks about their book of choice, or just singing the night away in karaoke.

If you're looking for ways to liven up your Discord server, try out some of these event and activity ideas. From game nights to movie nights, there's something for everyone. And, if you need help getting started, join our Discord server and we'll be happy to assist you.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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