10 Things I Learned From Owning a 10k Discord server

Discord is probably one of the most addictive platforms I have ever been on. And it’s no surprise that it will, at one point or another, affect your mental health.

10 Things I Learned From Owning a 10k Discord server
Owning a Discord server is like getting married, you have to be committed to it.

I have owned a community Discord server for over a year now and I have 11 thousand organic members. I, too, once, had 0 members.

Over my time on this beautiful platform, I have learned a lot of things. And today I would like to share them with you.

1. Discord is addicting

It’s true. Discord is probably one of the most addictive platforms I have ever been on. And it’s no surprise that it will, at one point or another, affect your mental health.

I really thought I was the problem for a long time. I thought it was just me that found Discord — a communication platform — to be addicting. I was wrong.

One Google search led me to a bunch of people on Quora struggling with the same issue. Luckily, this type of addiction is not as worse as other stuff. And I’ve managed to get myself out of this burrow.

The trick is to be harsh on yourself. No. Discord is not as important than your real life. Your real life friends haven’t heard from you in weeks because you’ve been too busy talking to pixels on a screen.

“Internet friends ARE real friends”

Yeah they are! I have some of the best friendships I’ve ever made on Discord. Most of which, I have never seen the faces of.

All I’m saying is to know your limits. And I can say this from experience, sometimes you become too walled up in your own little friend-circle that you no longer see the difference between having fun and harassment. Don’t be toxic.

2. Don’t create a server

Again, speaking from experience, don’t create a server just because you saw someone else make it.

If you are a active member in a Discord server or a new moderator, I understand that the feeling of having your own Discord server sounds nice.

But are you really ready to commit to something that big? It’s not like you have to create a Discord server just because you can. Take your time :)

But if you are really invested in this idea — you got a solid server theme, marketing plan and everything, go ahead! Owning a Discord server is so fun.

Just ask yourself once whether you are ready to take the hassle and managing that comes with it.

3. The “Perfect Server” Myth

A lot of people have asked me how they can make the “perfect Discord server”. And honestly, I don’t know how to respond. Probably because there is no such thing as a perfect Discord server.

Nor is there a magic spell, rule, or something you do that’ll make everyone instantly like your server.

You see the thing is, even if there was an universal rule, a new problem will arise. The lack of originality.

I’d argue that the perfect is the one that understands it’s members. The one that knows how to interact, how to play the role their given, and is original in terms of… everything.

4. Two perspectives

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

The way you look into your server is completely different from what a general member sees.

For example, everyday you log in and see that there are so many features in your server, then why is no one interacting? What you don’t see is that it’s probably because of some reason only a member can relate to.

Maybe the requirements of access the too high. It takes forever to level up that makes it not worth it.

Maybe the feature has no requirements but it’s just something extra that puts no value in your overall theme.

5. Murder Your Darlings

Whoa! What a title right? What does it mean? Let me explain

Even though its your server, you aren’t the only one in there are you? There’s an entire community there just because you chose to make one!

And their opinion is also something you should take into consideration when implementing something in your server.

Don’t add that thing in the server just because YOU like it. Give it a second thought if it’s something that’ll put value on your server.

6. Branding & Marketing matters

Exactly what the title says. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing. And it’s equally as important as the way you brand your server. Don’t like the name? It isn’t fitting with the theme? Change it. Keep it short, simple, and memorable. Make sure your branding tells the newcomer exactly what your community is about without having to ask anyone.

7. Focus on the present

Worrying about what you’ll do with the server is going to get you nowhere.

Sure, planning ahead is a great idea. Just be sure to execute your plans and do what’s right today.

8. Recruit the right way

Don’t give a member mod just because they’re active in the server. I have seen (and made) the same mistake a lot previously.

activity ≠ mod skills

Same goes for promoting your moderator. Let them prove it that they’re worthy of the higher position. And don’t be mistaken thinking that they want it anyway. Because some might prefer being a Moderator over having to manage the entire team as an Administrator.

9. It’s okay to have dead chats

When you’re starting out, expect dead chats because there will be a few. There will be times when you’d seem to have the most active chats ever. And there will also be phases when your server just seems dead internally. It’d seem like there’s no way out this hole that you’ve fallen too deep into. I’ve been in it all.

Start small. Start with yourself. Start a conversation. Host an event.

10. Stay invested

Don’t walk out of this marriage, you can’t. People are counting on you. It’s a big commitment. Make sure you love this marriage. Make sure you are happy.

Your community will grow if not today then for sure after 6 months. You need to be invested in the community in the early days at least.

You can manage your server your way. Please don’t be demotivated for your ideas :)