A New Step for Netcord: Here's what's changing

Introducing Netcord Agency – we build experiences, not just Discord servers.

A New Step for Netcord: Here's what's changing

I am thrilled to share a significant milestone in my journey and introduce you to Netcord Agency. The blog you all once knew is now more than a Blog.

Over the past couple of months we have gone through massive changes, and we have given the best that we could according to our situation to be where we are today. If you're reading this you may have already noticed our new domain. Look into this more and you may have found something new to our logo and branding.

What's new?

I have always wanted Netcord to be known for something more than just a blog page. Also something that is a little more in

and profitable. We decided to keep our blogs as a side feature while we focus on our new venture: A creative agency focused on Discord. Here's what kind of service we provide:

  1. Professional Discord Server Setup
  2. Custom Discord Bot Development
  3. Graphic Design / Branding for communities or bots
  4. Website Design + Development (static)
  5. 24/7 Moderation Service (Cross Timezone)


The original Netcord logo, colors, website, domain, and all things related to the Netcord Blog (2022) has been changed. Our new logo is a sleek, modern, and a more aesthetic redesign of our previous logo. We've adopted a new font-face – Lexend. We're now open to new design styles, more colors, and most importantly new brand values.

Check out this video on our official YouTube channel to get a better idea of our rebranding changes. One of the core values at Netcord is collaboration. We believe in the power of forging strong partnerships with our clients. By working closely together, we aim to gain a deep understanding of your vision, goals, and aspirations. Our clients' success is our success, and we are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that we achieve remarkable results together.


Our old website and domain (netcord.site) is no longer available. We now have a completely new domain (netcord.in) and a completely new design to our website and blog.

Articles / Blogs:

I'm happy to say that we're still continuing writing articles. However, we have come to notice that it is a little exhausting for our team to write every single day and that too, completely voluntarily. That's why we're updating our schedule. We want to deliver quality content and not be bounded to a weekly quota/schedule.

You can access our blogs at blog.netcord.in. And in the future, you can expect high quality articles written with the utmost care and research to be published.

Articles Discord Bot

You can now invite our first public Discord bot to get Article updates right in your Discord server. Get started by clicking the button below and run the command /subscribe.

Invite Netcord Articles Bot    ‌

How we're doing so far

Before launching, we have done multiple projects as a team and we have received some excellent feedback. We're always trying to improve. We want to give the best and the most professional service to businesses, creators, and projects of all sizes.

An awesome testimonial from our dear client who gave us the opportunity to design and deliver his server - The Sinister Standard

We're already a team of 9 members, and we're just starting the recruiting process. We are looking for more people in multiple departments, if you're looking to work with us, feel free to reach out to me personally at roonie@netcord.in with what you can do for us and we'll talk from there.

To get the latest updates early, make sure you join our (new) community Discord server where we discuss Discord with like-minded individuals.

Join here: discord.gg/TABfDRrkMA

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What you can expect in the coming weeks

This launch is to symbolize a start at our Creative Agency journey. We are constantly working on our other projects along with our client projects. We're building something for everyone. Here's what to expect from us:

If you are a Server Owner / Moderator / Community Manager:
  • We have Articles on this page for you to improve your experience on Discord.
  • We are building public Discord bots by partnering with developers to bring you useful products and applications.
  • We are building tools, resources, templates, to help you run or build your community.
If you are a business starting a Discord server:
  • We offer everything you need to launch the server.
  • We build the server for you from the ground up, using the information that you give us, and deliver the perfect server for your community.
  • Our after sales service has been named one of the best. We do not leave your side after the project has been completed, we understand Discord can be hard to understand for beginners. We have several retainer services, free lifetime priority customer support, and management/moderation services too.
  • Video guides on YouTube that teach you how to properly run a community server on Discord.
If you are a general Discord user:
  • Enjoy our free to watch content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Chat in our network, a collection of servers powered by Netcord.
  • Enjoy news articles, Discord feature discussion articles on our Blog.
  • Enjoy our fun and useful bots & tools, to elevate your Discord experience.

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So yeah, I wanted you update you on this personally. Thank you supporting us so far, we hope you will enjoy what's to come.